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For process measurement and control equipment an increasingly higher level of protection against failure is required. EMI shielding and earthing is very important. The area where the cable shield is connected to the cabinet earth is a critical point. It is very important that the connection has a low resistance. All icotek EMC cable clamps for shielding cable diameters from 1.5 to 48 mm have been tested utilising various frequency ranges and in all tests there was minimal leakage resistance.

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EMC Configurator

Configure your own custom EMC cable clamp assembly RLF or RLFZ in no time.

  • EMC configurator

Cable shield clamps, single

EMC cable clamps without mounting feet for an individual assembly via rivet.

  • SKL single
  • MSKL single

Cable shield clamps for DIN rails

EMC cable clamp for snap-on mounting on 35 mm DIN rail shape H. With and without integrated strain relief.

  • SF|SKL

Cable shield clamps for bus bars

EMC cable clamps for snap-on mounting on 10 x 3 mm bus bars. With and without integrated strain relief.

  • PFS2|SKL
  • SSK

Cable shield clamps for screw mounting

EMC cable clamps for direct mounting via screws, e.g. on metal sheets. With and without integrated strain relief.

  • LF|SKL

Cable shield clamps, pluggable

EMC cable clamps with mounting claws for plugging onto metal sheet edges. With and without integrated strain relief.

  • PFK2|SKL

Cable shield clamps for decentralised bus modules

EMC cable clamps for EMI shielding on decentralised bus modules of numerous manufacturers. With integrated strain relief.


Cable shield clamps for printed circuit boards

EMC cable clamps witho soldering feet for EMI shielding on printed circuit boards (PCB).


EMC shield clamps for PE conductors

EMC shield clamps on ring cable lugs for assembly on PE conductors.


EMC cable clamp assembly

EMC cable clamp assembly with shield clamps for EMI shielding of up to 12 lines.

  • RLF
  • RLFZ
  • RLFZ-M

Classic shield brackets, spring loaded

Classic spring loaded EMC shielding brackets. Various mounting types.

  • SK single
  • SC|SK
  • SF|SK
  • SS|SK
  • SSK

Classic cable shield brackets with screw terminal

Classic EMC shield brackets with screw terminal for 10 x 3 mm bus bars.

  • SKS
  • SSK

EMC cable collectors for cable entry systems

EMC cable collectors with EMI shielding function for cable entry systems - with or without integrated strain relief.


EMC cable collector for cable glands

EMC bracket for metric gable glands. The economic alternative to classic EMC glands.


EMC ServiceBox

Assortment of SKL shield clamps. Perfect for service calls and maintenance.

  • EMC ServiceBox
  • EMC ServiceBox multi

EMC strain relief plates

Cable collector plates for EMI shielding and strain relief. Various mounting types. 

  • KAFM single

Shield plates for ZL strain relief plates

EMC shielding plates for mounting on ZL strain relief plates.


Earthing tapes

Earthing tapes - the economic alternative to classic PE conductors.

  • MB

EMC cable shield clamps

In large frequency fields, the cable clamps provide low resistance. Effective range is up to 1,000 MHz below 120 Ohms and 10 kHz to 100 MHz significant below 20 Ohms. icotek EMC cable clamps are proven to absorb electromagnetic interferences.

The EMC cable clamps offer a large contact area to the cable shield (see figure A). In comparison to conventional shielding brackets an up to 50% higher contact area can be achieved when using the SKL line (see figure B). The specified clamping range can be exceeded up to 10%.

SKL shield clamps are available in several mounting types like screwing them on metal plates or mounting them on DIN rails or bus bars. Properly sized and used in conjunction with cable ties, many EMC cable shielding products provide strain relief in accordance with EN 62444.

If you need to install a larger amount of cables and they have to be shielded in a relatively small space, icotek offers EMC clamp assemblies RLF and RLFZ, an efficient EMI shielding solution for up to 12 cables.

You can configure your own customised clamp assembly for your application with our EMC Configurator. Individually choose your shield clamp sizes and positions according to your cable diameters.

As an alternative to our EMI shielding clamps we also offer classic spring loaded shield brackets in various sizes and mounting types.

EMC cable collectors for cable entry frames / cable glands as well as earthing tapes which are a cost effective alternative to PE conductors round up our wide range of EMC cable shielding products.

With our icotek ProductFinder you can find the suitable EMC solution for your application.

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